How to set up FPS payment with WooCommerce without installing plugins?

Have you ever tried to integrate FPS into your E-Commerce website but found it difficult to do so? No worries, there is a much simple way to do so and we are going to show you how shortly and you may achieve it without using any plugins!

Last time we taught you how to create FPS setup for your website. This time we are going to show you how to add the FPS Payment method to your E-Commerce Store. All you need to do is to go to your WooCommerce Setting > Payment Settings.

FPS Payment Setup

1) First, prepare your FPS Payment Number / ID.
2) Access to WooCommerce > Settings > Payment. Then click the Direct Bank Transfer

4) There are several things we will need to do on this page.
– Enable the Direct Bank Transfer option,
– Change the Title to FPS Payment,
– Change the Description to the following:
Use FPS for payment, after the page is reloaded you will see the FPS Number & Payment Instruction, please scan it with your mobile to process the payment.

– Change the Instructions to the following:
Please use your order number as a reference for payment.<b>Please note that we will not ship your order until payment is confirmed.</b>

FPS Number / ID: 816XXX31 / 31XXX1
FPS Name: Lxx Oxx Pxxx

After successful payment, please take a screenshot of the completed payment and send the order number to the <a href="mailto:[email protected]">EMAIL ADDRESS</a> or Whatsapp us for manual verification.

5) Remember to click Save changes afterward. That’s it! You have just enabled the FPS Payment options for your E-Commerce website!


This method may not be the best option or perfect for everyone as it requires manual verification regarding the payment submitted from customers, but it saves so much time from doing integration and it is totally free–a perfect fit for any start-up to medium E-Commerce Stores.